Forbes-featured, Multi-Six Figure Entrepreneur Cait Scudder Demystifies the Road to Success in Heart-Pounding TEDxOneonta Talk

VIP Business Coach Cait Scudder Reveals How to Obliterate Three Common Roadblocks to Success and Become “Next-Level You” in Electrifying TEDxOneonta Presentation

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2019 /Cait Scudder/ — Forbes-featured women’s business coach and self-made, multi-six figure CEO Cait Scudder shares the secrets behind transforming fears into fuel to power her success in a thrilling TEDx talk in Oneonta, New York. Cait Scudder serves as fearless front-woman of the #BossBabe revolution, teaching ambitious goal-getters and an audience of more than 25,000 women to harness their one-of-a-kind gifts and build profitable, purpose-driven businesses. Now, just days before launching her eagerly anticipated Rise Mastermind™, Scudder reveals how to burst through the roadblocks to success and step into that “next-level you” in a high-octane TEDx talk that dares audiences everywhere to take charge and fearlessly shine.

Drop-dead gorgeous, brilliant, articulate, expressed, compassionate, wealthy, creative, connected, ambitious, content – can you REALLY be all of it? At TEDxOneonta, Scudder answers with an emphatic HECK, YES! The trailblazing, Fast Company-featured business coach known for teaching countless female entrepreneurs to “nail their niche” and leverage their “zone of genius” serves as living proof of her own philosophy. “I had no job. I felt terrified,” says Scudder of the early days. Through her personal business-building journey, she discovered the three roadblocks to achieving her dreams and the two essential practices required to create and breed success. Now, she openly reveals them to anyone in need of encouragement and guidance in pursuing a lit-up life. “You are not here to be the backup singer to somebody else’s solo,” Scudder urges. “This is YOUR life.”

Learn how to build momentum toward unstoppable success and step into the unique, soul-driven work the world desperately needs in Cait Scudder’s moving talk at TedXOneonta. Learn more at and subscribe to the 5-star rated Born to Rise podcast for insider knowledge, real-world tools, and next-level inspiration to fuel a fast-growing empire built for lasting impact. Join the revolution and get potent business-building inspiration on Instagram @CaitScudder.

About Cait Scudder:
Cait Scudder is a business coach for women and a success catalyst for visionary, bold-hearted empire-builders who want it all – global impact, bursting income, and the true freedom that comes from marrying passion with profit. As CEO of a multi-six figure online business coaching empire, Scudder serves as the fearless front-woman of the boss babe revolution, helping ambitious femme-preneurs harness their unique gifts to create rich impact and design the financially free lives of their dreams. Featured in multiple global media outlets, including Forbes and Fast Company, Scudder and her team inspire a tribe of more than 25,000 women across six continents to “nail their niche,” leverage their “zone of genius,” and build the profitable business and life of their dreams. Her wildly popular Born to Rise podcast is pure mental fuel for go-getters thirsty for the motivation and actionable tools to help master their mindset, explode their business, and achieve everything that becomes possible “when you decide that now is your time to rise.” To learn more, visit and follow on Instagram @CaitScudder.

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