How the Ed-tech Industry is Readying India for a Digital Disruption: A Collaborative Study of Analytics India Magazine and Jigsaw Academy

BENGALURU, June 7, 2019 /Analytics India Magazine/ —

The state of the job market is such that it requires more and more professionals to build a base level in the most in-demand skills of today – Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain that are key in the age of digital disruption. The skills’ shelf life has shortened, with technology changing exponentially over the last decade and skills that were relevant at the beginning of the career have become obsolete.

Analytics India Magazine in their study – Addressing The Reskilling Challenge in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy explored the online analytics reskilling market in India, the consumption of analytics education in India, the different formats of education delivery and the need for continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest development and transition to new jobs.

The report which is published in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy finds how AI, Data Science and cognitive computing is reshaping the workforce now and its impact in the near future. They also dig into their annual institute ranking report to find out the winning factors that have helped institutes rank in top 10 over the last three years. The study gives an in-depth view of the various parameters that go into the ranking assessment.

Key highlights from the report are:

The online reskilling market is estimated to be 93 million and is expected to grow at a rate of 38%
Current market is largely B2C driven but educational stakeholders are also catering to B2B segment
Business Analytics is the topmost course, followed by courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Analytics and Data Engineering
High-demand for short-term courses in areas like Blockchain, Data Science and Machine Learning
Key tools professionals are interested in learning are R, SAS, Python, on big data end Hive, Pig, Hadoop and in AI/ML end Tensorflow and Keras
The report also delves into Jigsaw Academy’s rise to the #1 spot in the rankings over the last three years – 2018, 2017 and 2016 respectively and the factors that led to it. Jigsaw Academy rose to the constant demand for data-centric courses with a slew of intensive programmes and has forged deeper collaborations with premier educational institutes that has further cemented its place in the analytics reskilling market.

“Data Science, Machine Learning and Analytics have a significant disruptive potential and they have been clearly impacting businesses, investments and the job market as a whole. We, at Jigsaw Academy, believe in the head start an early adopter can leverage and are looking to mold leaders in these spaces with our online and offline programs. Collaborating with big names in the education sector has been the icing on the cake. My team and I always try to focus on the quality of the courses we deliver, appreciation and accolades are incidental,” Gaurav Vohra, CEO, Jigsaw Academy.

“What we have observed is that there is an urgent need to significantly broaden the technological skills and build more cross-disciplinary skills that include knowledge of programming, Business Analytics, Data Science and AI. That’s where educational stakeholders are playing a key role in plugging the talent gap,” says Bhasker Gupta, Founder & CEO, Analytics India Magazine.

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