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Famines: what 20th century food crises tell us about how to cope with the Ukraine fallout

Eoin McLaughlin, University College Cork; Chris Colvin, Queen’s University Belfast, and Matthias Blum, Queen’s University Belfast

Famines should be relegated to the history books, leading expert Cormac Ó Gráda argued in 2007, since “given good will on all sides, famine prevention should be ‘easy’”. Unfortunately, the current Russia-Ukraine war has revealed that good will is no longer on all sides. The UN is warning that the ongoing Russian blockade of Ukraine’s grain exports may trigger a global food emergency that could lead to famines.

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Zambia: Namwala Flash Floods – Emergency Plan of Action

Jan 2022 /IFRC/ –Most parts of Zambia started receiving heavy rains on 11 of January 2022. On the 16 of January 2022, Kalomo, Namwala and Choma districts of the Southern Province started experiencing flash floods. According to the needs assessment report issued by the Zambian government through Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) (17 January 2022), Namwala district has recorded the highest number of households affected with 3,219. The report also indicated that 8,000 Ha of field crops have been submerged by water, as well as houses and sanitation facilities. In addition, livestock such as chickens and goats have also been swept away. Currently, 500 households have been displaced in Namwala and being accommodated in schools and the immediate needs includes safe and clean water, hygiene and sanitation, food, Non-Food Items, shelter and protection. Continue reading