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New Documentary Showcases Stories of Inspiring People Acquiring the Skills They Need to Excel in Work’s Shifting Landscape

Nonprofit career exploration company Roadtrip Nation is excited to start off the month of May with their new documentary, “Skill Shift.” Presented by KQED, “Skill Shift” is now airing nationally on public television stations and is available to watch online. Continue reading


EdTech unicorn GoStudent launches its one-on-one online tutoring services in the US

As part of its ongoing mission to become a world-leading education provider, EdTech unicorn GoStudent has announced its expansion to the US, with headquarters based in Austin, Texas. Following a successful soft launch in November 2021, GoStudent is ready to provide tailored online tutoring sessions in over 30 subjects to a potential market of 50 million K-12 students. Prioritizing sustainable learning success, GoStudent offers a range of memberships, with price per session ranging from $32 to $50, based on the duration and level of intensity chosen. GoStudent is the highest valued EdTech scale-up in Europe, and operates in 23 markets, including numerous countries in Latin America and Europe, as well as Canada and Turkey. Continue reading


Leading Educationalist Expresses his Opinion on the Teaching of Grammar in Schools

A recent article published earlier this month, presented a case for change in the way grammar is taught in England. Based on research funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the article described how a new approach to teaching grammar and writing known as Englicious, required the pupils involved to learn grammatical terms, after which they applied this new knowledge to a piece of writing. Ten Englicious lessons were delivered by teachers guided by a manual, closely tailored to the linguistic content of the National Curriculum. Crucially, the main outcome of the research revealed that this intervention failed to improve narrative writing in pupils aged six to seven. Continue reading


Ask or aks? How linguistic prejudice perpetuates inequality

Amanda Cole, University of Essex; Ella Jeffries, University of Essex, and Peter L Patrick, University of Essex

Teacher and artist Sunn M’Cheaux has been posting on social media about “linguicism” after a reader asked him about the word “ax”, saying: “Why did we struggle saying ‘ask’? Like when I was little, I always said ‘ax’. Like I couldn’t say the word correctly.”

Continue reading


Anthology and UNESCO Partner to Define the Future of Education at 2022 World Higher Education Conference

Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today announced Anthology’s sponsorship for the World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022) to be held May 18 – 20, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. UNESCO and Blackboard, now part of Anthology, initially formed a partnership to support global digital learning initiatives in 2020 and this flagship higher education event, held only once each decade, marks the organizations’ continued collaboration to help define the future of higher education. Continue reading


Largest ever intake and a new cyber programme for Thales in the UK shows its commitment to apprenticeships

At 126 strong, Thales’s intake of apprentices will be its biggest ever in 2022. Their rise in popularity has now seen the number of degree apprenticeships rise ten-fold since 2015. The result is a growing diversity of apprenticeship opportunities – not only by subject, but also by region with apprenticeships now split across the UK, including Glasgow, Belfast, London, Reading, Crawley and Somerset. Continue reading