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Just over two weeks ago, Helen Woodward Animal Center put out a call for support for the Ukrainian people and their animals. Not even a week later, in a heartwarming display of compassion and kindness American friends not only answered that call but surpassed the $50,000 requested match. Now as stories of the over 4 million refugees and their furry friends continue to flood our newsfeed, stateside animal-lovers are proving that they intend to continue to support our far away friends, even as supplies and financial support begins to be dispersed to those in need. The Center is proud to announce that as of today, $174,427 in aid has been gifted from our animal-lovers to theirs with more to come. Continue reading


Relationship help programmes may be more successful for people who have ‘sensitivity’ genes

Michael Pluess, Queen Mary University of London and Galena Rhoades, University of Denver

If the pandemic has put a strain on your relationship, you might be thinking about going to couples therapy or taking a relationship course to help. After all, research shows that certain relationship education courses can help participants improve their communication skills and relationship quality – which may even prevent divorce. But our research found that whether such courses work for you partly comes down to your genes.

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OPPO’s Ramadan 2021 Campaign Featuring MEA Ambassador Football Star Mo Salah Captures the Hearts of Millions of UAE Fans

Global technology brand OPPO’s #CaptureTheSpirit Ramadan campaign, held in collaboration with the brand’s MEA Ambassador Egyptian football legend Mohamed Salah, has seen millions of fans from the UAE and beyond flood its social media platforms. Posting creative, nostalgic photos and videos, OPPO aficionados reminisced about their favourite moments from the most special of all occasions for consumers in the Middle East region. Continue reading


Over 60s More Confident About Sex Than Ever Before According To New Replens Survey

Replens™ the clinically tested, number one vaginal moisturiser GP recommended brand*, has just won the third annual Transport for London Diversity in Advertising Competition with their latest campaign, Sex Never Gets Old, which features a diverse group of older people, with a range of ethnicities, ages and sexualities, within beautiful, emotional portraits of couples. These emotive portraits highlight that many people continue to enjoy sex and intimacy well into their sixties and beyond. Continue Reading


The Birds, Bees & Bots: Kids’ internet use puts pressure on 70% of parents to have “the talk” sooner than planned

New findings from AVG Technologies show exposure to adult material is the number one concern amongst mums and dads

LONDON, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AVG Technologies, a global leader in digital security products, has today released new findings that show the majority of parents are facing mounting pressures to have important conversations with children about sex and relationships – and sooner than the current compulsory age that it is taught at schools. Continue reading