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Ukraine: Nato and the US aim to destroy the Russian military – it looks as if they may have the means to do it

Frank Ledwidge, University of Portsmouth

Nothing like a coherent strategy emerged from 20 years of Nato’s war in Afghanistan; at best there were long lists of aspirations with no clear objectives or assessments of the resources needed to achieve them. But, two months after the Russian invasion, it looks very much as if the US and Nato are beginning to develop a coherent plan for Ukraine. Military strategy has been described as a synthesis of ends, ways and means. Last week, senior US and UK officials clarified the objectives – the ends.

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TANK WW and Grey Canada today unveiled a dramatic multimedia campaign to raise funds for Ukraine humanitarian and refugee efforts through Razom. The work is built on a quote from Ukrainian President Zelensky’s address to the Canadian parliament: “Feel this: what we feel every day.” Contimue reading


Medicine Costs for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland Covered by New Direct Cash Aid Program

Direct Relief and Pelion S.A. today announced Health 4 Ukraine, a direct cash assistance initiative enabling Ukrainian refugees in Poland to obtain prescription medicine at no cost at all pharmacies across the country. Continue reading


Ukraine: are reports of Russian troops mutinying and deserting true? It’s happened before

Natasha Lindstaedt, University of Essex

Reports have emerged in recent days that Russian troops in Ukraine, stalled in their advance and suffering numerous military setbacks, have sabotaged their own equipment, refused to fight and carry out orders, and even, in one report, run over their own commander.

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How the war in Ukraine will affect food prices

The war in Ukraine will continue to push up food prices as the supply from the ‘Breadbasket of Europe’ is cut in the short term and, possibly, the long term.

Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph and Michael von Massow, University of Guelph

Even before the Russian army crossed into Ukraine, food prices had been on the rise for the past year. But the world has seen large jumps in the cost of food over the the last two months.

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The cost of war: how Russia’s economy will struggle to pay the price of invading Ukraine

Renaud Foucart, Lancaster University

The invasion of Ukraine has placed Russia on the verge of bankruptcy. Interest rates have doubled, the stock market has closed, and the rouble has fallen to its lowest level ever.

The military costs of war have been exacerbated by an unprecedented level of international sanctions, sustained by a large coalition of countries. Russian citizens, now unable to spend at IKEA, McDonald’s or Starbucks, are not allowed to convert any of the money they do have into foreign currency.

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Ukraine: how the world’s defence giants are quietly making billions from the war

Peter Bloom, University of Essex

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been widely condemned for its unjustified aggression. There are legitimate fears of a revived Russian empire and even a new world war. Less discussed is the almost half trillion dollar (£381 billion) defence industry supplying the weapons to both sides, and the substantial profits it will make as a result.

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EWTN’s New Movie Chronicles True Stories Of Ukrainian Persecution

Viewers who want to know what life is really like after a Communist invasion need look no further than EWTN’s brand new film, “To Believe,” which was produced by EWTN Ukraine in Kyiv, a city which is now under assault after Thursday’s invasion by Russia. Written by Ukrainians and filmed in Ukraine, the film is subtitled, but the acting is so good viewers barely need the subtitles to understand the plot. The movie premieres 10 p.m. ET, Saturday, Feb. 26, with encores at 10 p.m. ET, Sunday, Feb. 27, and 3 a.m. ET, Tuesday, March 1. Continue reading