Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell attend Havana cigar festival

Heiress Paris Hilton and supermodel Naomi Cambell bring glitz and glamour to Havana’s annual cigar festival.

HAVANA, CUBA (FEBRUARY 27, 2015) (REUTERS) – Celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton and supermodel Naomi Campbell wowed cigar smokers in Havana, Cuba on Friday (February 27) night as they attended the last night of the city’s famed cigar festival.

Hilton took the opportunity to visit the communist-run Caribbean island nation after travel restrictions were eased in the wake of the announcement by U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro to re-establish diplomatic ties in December.

“It’s my first time here, it’s such a beautiful place, I love all the people and I’m so happy to be here,” said Hilton.

Hilton’s family owned the Havana Hilton which was nationalized by Fidel Castro in 1960 and has been renamed the Habana Libre. She said she had not visited the hotel yet.

“Not yet, but I did see it, yeah. Old Havana Hilton,” she said.

Following December’s announcement, the Obama administration lifted a series of limitations on trade and travel last month and the U.S. president, a Democrat, called for an end to the decades-old economic embargo on Cuba. The embargo would have to be lifted by the Republican-controlled Congress, overcoming resistance from some members fiercely opposed to the rapprochement.

Havana’s annual cigar festival has attracted aficionados from near and far for some 17 years.