Mom Dieu! French court awards 400,000 euros for babies switched at birth

(R Reports) –

A French court rules that two women switched at birth more than 20 years ago will both receive 400,000 euros in damages. That’s about 450,000 dollars.

Sophie Serrano’s new-born daughter was switched with another girl by a nurse when they both shared an incubator.

Despite their doubts the parents were told that no mistake had been made.

Serrano only discovered that her daughter Manon was not her biological child through a DNA test carried out in 2004, 10 years after the girls were born.


“We’ve fought, we kept believing, we had to, to be able to keep fighting. We had to have this fight because I blamed myself for not being able to protect my children 20 years ago, and today I’ve fought for them to get recognition for all the negligence and all the harm that was done to them, and I did it and my combat was not in vain.”

Her daughter says it’s not about the money.


“No the money means nothing to me to be honest, it won’t change anything. The most important thing is that the clinic can’t blame the mothers anymore. Now the clinic will have to take responsibility, they will all have to take responsibility for this horrible act they committed until the end of their days.”

Awards were also given to the parents as well as siblings of the children, although the total was nowhere near the 12 million euros they had sought.

But now that it’s over they say, they can at least move on with their lives.