London youth violence focus of new ‘Ray BLK’ music video

(ISLAND RECORD) – A new music video from British rising star Ray BLK (pronounced Black) focuses on London’s violent youth crime.

Initially released on the singer’s YouTube channel on Wednesday (August 8) the video, “Run Run”, shows a young black man being chased by something unseen, then by a man wielding a knife, and eventually being arrested by police.

While the artist is seen singing in what appears to be a social housing block in the UK’s capital city, the camera flashes to show the young man walking past what appears to be the bodies of stabbed black men.

The song’s lyrics and the video’s setting are intended to comment on rising violent crime amongst young people in London:

“With the current rise in knife and gun crime in London at the moment I felt compelled to share a message of hope and encouragement,” Ray BLK said in a Twitter post on her official site (@RayBLK_).

The Nigerian-born singer was crowned BBC’s “Sound of 2017”, with previous winners including U.S. artist 50 Cent in 2003 and British artists Sam Smith in 2014 and Adele in 2008.

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