MIT builds backflipping four-legged robot cheetah

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) build a quadruped robot ‘cheetah’ capable of doing a backflip.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA (MIT) – Weighing just 20 pounds (9kg), the quadruped has a range of motions that makes it agile and able to pick itself up if knocked to the ground. Footage released by team members Benjamin Katz, Sangbae Kim and Jared Di Carlo shows the mini cheetah being tested on a number of manoeuvres, including backflipping, jumping, running and standing up again when kicked over.

The robot is designed to be modular with each of the its legs powered by three identical, off-the-shelf, low-cost electric motors.

The mini cheetah will be presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in May.

The researchers are currently building more of the four-legged machines, aiming for a set of 10, which they want to loan out to other labs.

The MIT research is sponsored by Naver Labs, the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Office for Scientific Research.

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