Myth or Reality? VAB Probes 15 Video Viewing Fallacies

New Marketer’s Guide Delivers Fact-Based Answers to Common Video Viewing Misconceptions

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2019 /VAB/ — VAB investigates and debunks commonly held video viewing beliefs in its new guide, A Culture of Extremes: Exposing The Myths About Video Viewing Behavior. In the guide, 15 video viewing myths are examined and disproved using credible statistics from verified sources, including those relating to cord cutting; time spent viewing video via linear TV compared to viewing using internet connected devices; younger audience viewing behavior; as well as misconceptions about moviegoers.

A Culture of Extremes equips brand marketers and agency professionals with accurate U.S. video viewing behavior data. The following fallacies are among the 15 examined in the guide.

MYTH: Everyone is cutting the cord and leaving cable for video substitutes and subscriptions

The reality is the majority of U.S. households today (82 million) have multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) subscriptions.
MVPDs are the leading video distribution access point for consumers, followed by over-the-air-only (18.4 million), over-the-top (OTT)-only (16.4 million) and virtual MVPD delivery (9.3 million).
In 2020, projections estimate four times more households with MVPD subscriptions (78.8 million) than OTT-only households (18.3 million) and seven times more than virtual MVPD households (10.8 million).
MYTH: Everyone is spending more time on platforms like Facebook and YouTube than ad-supported TV

According to VAB, in any given minute there are seven times more people 18+ years of age watching ad-supported TV content than are on YouTube and 13 times more than are on Facebook.
MYTH: No one under 35 watches linear TV anymore because they are living on subscription video-on-demand platforms, digital sites and social media

Fifty percent of video consumption by adults 18-34 years of age is through linear TV (nearly two hours per day), with live TV accounting for 44% of total video viewing in the first quarter of 2019.
The time adults 18-34 years spent viewing video on internet connected devices and gaming consoles was 20% and 14% respectively.
MYTH: No one goes to the movies anymore because of streaming services

In the last decade, box office revenue has grown 24%, with 2018 breaking records for domestic box office revenue ($12 billion in ticket sales) and over 1.3 billion admissions.
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Danielle DeLauro, Executive Vice President, VAB: “Often false beliefs perpetuate about video consumption and quickly become distorted, unsubstantiated claims. A Culture of Extremes is designed to foster more fact-based dialogue among brand marketers and their agencies, as well as simplify the complexity in the video advertising industry.”

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