New Survey Reveals Women Are More Likely To Propose the Idea of Inviting The Third to Their Bedroom Than Men

New survey results released by dating app reveals that women are by far the more likely gender to propose the idea of inviting the third to bedroom compared to men

LOS ANGELES, Oct 29, 2019 /3Fun/ — The app, 3Fun, the fastest-growing dating app for polyamorous couples, has released findings from a survey of its users about which gender is more likely to first bring up the idea of inviting the third.

The survey covered only members from the United States. 300 couple members were surveyed, with 193 males responding and 107 females responding. Of the 300 members, 57.33% self-identified as heterosexual, 42.33% self-identified as bisexual, and 0.33% self-reported as homosexual.

“Knowing that our app caters to people seeking and engaging in alternative relationships, we were curious about the polyamorous lifestyle initiation between men and women, regardless of gender and sexual orientation,” said spokesperson, Jennifer White. “After the survey was complete, the numbers showed that 58.67% of users reported that the woman was the first to present the idea of the polyamorous lifestyle with their partner.”

When asked if the results were surprising, Jennifer, said, “In the United States, there is an overarching cultural perception that men are the most proactive instigators of introducing the lifestyle into a relationship. So to see the survey come back with only 41.33% reporting that that male was the initiator, we were taken aback.”

One potential explanation revolves around women’s desire for seeking out pleasurable sexual stimulation, but an overall lower predisposition to cheating in a committed relationship.

In a 2017 article published in The Atlantic, adapted from psychotherapist Esther Perel’s book, The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, Perel writes, “Sometimes when we seek the gaze of another, it’s not our partner we are turning away from, but the person we have become. We are not looking for another lover so much as another version of ourselves.”

Viewing affairs in this light, as a form of self-discovery and reclaiming an empowered identity, may help to explain why 3Fun survey respondents, an app explicitly designed for open-minded people searching for alternatives expressions of love and relationships, would characterize women as the initial proponent for inviting the third.

“It’s very possible that women, in particular, are finding a positive form of self-expression and empowerment using 3Fun. The type of person that uses the app is already interested in the unconventional, so to know that women are truly finding an expansive sense of self after engaging in the polyamorous lifestyle orchestrated through 3Fun is a humbling experience.”

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