Residents left horrified with violent riots in South African town

South Africa, China Central Television (CCTV) – Residents of Somerset West and nearby township in South Africa are left horrified by the disturbance and lootings caused by hundreds of rioters in the areas.

The disruptions started in Lwandle and Nomozamo on Wednesday night and continued on Thursday.

In the nearby township of Gustorw, rioters also blocked roads, robbed supermarkets and even burned tires on roads.

“Our people cannot go to work, our children cannot go to schools. We are terrified, we are fed up of these people,” said Deon Robertson, a resident at Gustrow, a place that is not too from the two affected areas.

The cause of the riots is a mass protest held by people whose attempts to erect shacks on vacant land was thwarted by local authorities and police.

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