Spanish police arrest suspected mastermind of $1 bln bank hacks

ALICANTE, SPAIN (SPANISH POLICE/EUROPOL) – Spain’s interior minister announced on Monday (March 26) that the suspected leader of a gang of cyber criminals that stole as much as 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) from banks by altering account balances and instructing automatic teller machines to issue cash had been arrested.

The person suspected of being behind malware attacks known as “Carbanak” and “Cobalt” was arrested in Alicante after cooperation between police forces in the United States, Asia and Europe, Europol said.

Spanish police identified the man as Dennis K, in a press release, but the head of Spain’s cyber crime unit said his nationality was unclear because two passports with two different identities had been found.

Europol said the group had operated since 2013, with members in 40 countries, carrying out attacks on 100 financial institutions. They targeted bank employees with emails infecting their computers and then using them as a base to gain control of bank network and servers.

Europol, said the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Romanian, Belarussian and Taiwanese authorities, and private cyber security companies all assisted in the case.

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