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Another Majestic Lion Was Killed In Zimbabwe, Allegedly By An American Hunter

A majestic lion named Mopane was allegedly killed by an American hunter outside of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe last week. Mopane’s death has sparked international outcry with details surrounding his killing similar to those of Cecil the lion, slaughtered in 2015 in the same area. With his impressive mane, Mopane was well-known to local tour guides and international tourists visiting the area to catch a glimpse of him. Continue reading


Elephant advocates trumpet outrage over new Trump hunting rule

LIVINGSTONE, ZAMBIA (NOVEMBER 2013) (REUTERS) – U.S. conservation groups lashed out this week against a White House decision to allow trophy hunters who kill elephants in two African nations to bring home the endangered animals’ tusks or other body parts as souvenirs. Continue reading


Giraffes suffer silent extinction in Africa, report

Giraffes suffer a “silent extinction” caused by illegal hunting and expansion of farmland in Africa according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature latest report.

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Minnesota dentist who killed Zimbabwe lion returns to work

The Minnesota dentist whose killing of Zimbabwean lion Cecil sparked global outcry from animal lovers maintains that the hunt was legal and heads back to work,

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Zimbabwe wants lion-killer Palmer to face charges

(DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY OXFORD UNIVERSITY / REUTERS) – Zimbabwe’s environment minister Oppah Muchinguri says she wants Dr Walter Palmer brought back to Zimbabwe to face charges for killing Cecil — Zimbabwe’s celebrated lion.
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U.S. hunter becomes the hunted

(REUTERS/WHITEHOUSE.GOV /HUNTFOREVER.ORG /TWITTER.COM) – The American dentist and trophy hunter accused of killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe is getting a taste of being hunted himself.
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SA hunting: big money, big controversy

(REUTERS) – Big game has been attracting visitors to Africa for decades.

But now there’s a new focus.

Hunting not watching is the roaring business.


“We found a herd, a bachelor herd of Impala males. and we….the wind was fortunate in our favour and we managed to get the hunter onto the sticks and he shot a very good shot, a clean, broke the Impala spine, put him down with one shot.”

Stan Burger is a game farmer in South Africa.

He invites trophy hunters to use land for sport and thousands are coming every year – the bulk of them – 15,000 – from the U.S.

The industry employs an estimated 100,000 workers and is a big earner.

In 2013 foreign huntsmen spent more than $91 million in South Africa, a third up on the previous year.

Last year the industry was said to be worth $765 million.

Lions, leopards and elephants are all targets, along with rhinos, buffalos and implala.

5,700 impala were shot in 2013 with lions bringing in the highest revenue at almost $10 million.

Adri Kitshoff is Chief Executive of the Professional Hunters’ Association.


“It’s an economic contribution of about R10 billion. And then you look at the wildlife industry with more than 10,000 game farms , it’s a huge contribution to our GDP.”

South Africa’s game population has grown to 24 million from around 600,000 in the late 1960s.

Much of that down to private owners – many of whom breed the animals for hunting.

But there’s a strong anti-hunting lobby.

Linda Park is Director of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

It recently held a protest against the sport.


“People around the world have all said ‘enough’. Australia actually banned the importation of lion trophy permits and body parts.”

The U.S. could in fact be next – it’s looking at making lions an endangered species, meaning hunters won’t be able to bring them home.

That’s a big attraction for many – and could put a stop to the rise of a controversial but lucrative sport.