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“Lovebirds of the Twin Towers” Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

The immersive experience Lovebirds of the Twin Towers premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival as the storied fest marks 20 years, the creative team announced today. Lovebirds tells the true story of Carmen and Arturo Griffith, two elevator operators who worked at the World Trade Center for more than 20 years. Viewers are brought back to a time when the Twin Towers dominated the NYC skyline through the use of VR. Using StoryFile’s AI and conversational video, viewers are then able to speak directly with Carmen after watching the film, further deepening their connection with her. Continue reading


Dramatic scenes in Glasgow as demolition of iconic towers leaves two standing

Pictures show a planned controlled explosion which helped bring down Glasgow’s Red Road towers on Sunday, leaving two of the six buildings still standing. Now over 2000 people from the area will be unable to return home until the demolition is fully completed.

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