AT&T, Apple, Google to work on ‘robocall’ crackdown

Tech giants and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission launch crackdown on robocalls. Bobbi Rebell reports.

(FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION WEBCAST / REUTERS) – Robocalls may be getting the boot. The chief executive of AT&T Randall Stephenson said 33 companies, starting with his own along with Alphabet, Apple, Comcast and more are teaming up the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to crackdown on so-called “robocalls” – automated, prerecorded telephone calls.


“If we truly want to deal with this, the entire ecosystem has to work together – carriers, device makers, OS developers, network designers. And don’t forget, regulators and lawmakers have a role to play. We have to come out of this with a comprehensive play book for all of us to go execute.”

The group hopes to put in place Caller ID verification standards that would help block calls from spoofed phone numbers and to consider a “Do Not Originate” list that would block spoofers from impersonating specific phone numbers from governments, banks, and other institutions.

David Shepardson covers the story for Reuters.

“These companies are really representing some of the smartest technical experts from these well-known companies are going to be working intensely over the next sixty days reporting back to the FCC with solutions.”

The strike force will bring their ideas to the commission by October 19th.

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