The 26th HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring / Summer will be held in July

HONG KONG- ( BUSINESS WIRE ) -The 26th HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring / Summer will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from July 8-11 , 2019. At the four-day exhibition, about 1000 exhibitors from around the world will participate, and will exhibit a wide range of clothing, designers’ collections, international brands, clothing and fabrics, fashion accessories, etc. from spring and summer. Hong Kong Fashion Week, an unparalleled sourcing platform for buyers around the world, is also a gateway to the vibrant markets of mainland China and Asia, and is an integral global event in the fashion industry You are

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A number of upgraded thematic zones

The fashion industry is constantly moving at a rapid pace, and adopting technology can make it change faster and more widely. The exhibition is working to keep pace with the industry trends to enhance content. The Fashion Tech Zone was established to meet the industry’s demand for manufacturing and business process optimization.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic zones in order to optimize the buyer’s targeted sourcing experience and provide maximum exposure to different fashion areas. The “Corporate Fashion & Uniforms” zone will be re-established after last year’s success in its construction and will display a wide range of professional apparel products for various industries. In addition, the “Fashionable Sportswear” zone for athletics, sports and casual activities highlights the trend in the ever-focused leisure activity.

In addition, popular zones Emporium de Mode, Fashion Designers’ Showcase, Fashion Gallery Menswear, Womenswear, Infant & Children’s Wear, Fabrics & Yarn, Intimate Wear & Swimwear will be rebuilt with an expanded number of products.

Events during the exhibition

A lively fashion parade by great fashion designers will be held during the exhibition to attract the attention of buyers from around the world. Experts from Fashion Snoop, a prominent international trend forecasting organization, will hold a seminar entitled “Visionary Trends for Women and Men’s Wear and Accessories in Fall / Winter 2020/21” and industry experts will also be working on technology in functional apparel Share insights on fashion e-tailing, market trends and more. In addition, the reception is held in a relaxed atmosphere, enabling buyers, exhibitors, and industry experts from around the world to exchange views and expand the business network.

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