Tom Cruise says he’ll never slow down at ‘Mission Impossible’ London premiere

(PARAMOUNT) – The latest ‘Mission Impossible’ movie had its London premiere on Friday (July 13) and the stars were out on the red carpet.

‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ is the sixth in the hugely popular franchise produced by Cruise — 2015’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” took in $682 million at the global box office. ‘Fallout’ has earned rave reviews from critics.

The new movie sees Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt reunite with his fellow agents played by Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Rebecca Ferguson to destroy an international terror cell and avert nuclear catastrophe.

56-year-old Tom Cruise famously does many of his own stunts. He told Reuters that he never has to psych himself up ahead of performing the stunts putting his bravery down to adrenaline, saying, “the adrenaline is flowing big time.”

Cruise was also joined on the red carpet by actors Henry Cavill and Vanessa Kirby.

Kirby plays the dastardly White Widow in the movie. One of the stars of Netflix series ‘The Crown’, she says she’s no stranger to playing strong women as opposed to love interests, although she doesn’t like the term – as it implies other women are weak.

“…I hope one day we’ll change that dialogue completely and we’ll see women that are represented on screen just as much as the men in all genres, including action movies,” Kirby told Reuters, “that’s a big goal of mine really.”

‘Mission: Impossible: Fallout’ starts its international rollout in movie theatres on July 25.

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