U.S. and at least 15 European states expel Russian diplomats

Senior Trump administration officials have confirmed the expulsion of 60 Russians and the closing of the Seattle consulate, as NATO and EU member states announce similar expulsions in the wake of the Sergei Skripal incident. Matthew Larotonda reports.

(Reuters) – Senior White House officials have confirmed that 60 Russian diplomats will be expelled from the United States, with the Seattle consulate to close completely.

That, on the same day that 14 European Union countries including NATO allies announced similar measures in the wake of the Sergei Skripal incident.

Scores of diplomats will be ordered to leave the countries in all, which include everyone from major players like France and Germany to smaller eastern states like the Baltics, which were formerly under Soviet rule.

Ukraine has also joined in, its president stating solidarity with Britain — which had already expelled 23 after the attack on the former Russian double agent.

News of the sweeping measures broke within minutes of each other after rumors had circulated throughout the morning.

A Russian lawmaker has said Russia will respond in kind and order dozens of U.S. diplomats to leave the country.

Moscow’s ambassador in Washington says the Trump administration is destroying what little is left of their relationship.

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