Word-of-Mouth Search Engine Get Kelvin Comes Out of Stealth Mode

New York-based startup launches on Product Hunt as Google alternative

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2019 /Get Kelvin/ — Get Kelvin, an early-stage technology startup aiming to revolutionize the way people navigate the internet, has come out of stealth mode as the world’s first word-of-mouth search engine. Just as Yelp ratings and reviews have largely replaced restaurant critics, Get Kelvin replaces ad-cluttered and SEO-driven search with a community-centered approach to discovering and reviewing websites of all kinds.

The startup provides members with a comprehensive suite of tools and features to collect and share their online journeys. At a time when growing numbers of people are disturbed that Silicon Valley giants are censoring search results and selling their data, Get Kelvin aims to recapture the adventurous spirit of an earlier, less corporate internet.

“Browsing the internet has become repetitive and even coercive. We don’t feel as if we’re exploring, we just stop off at the same mega-platforms all the time, and we take recommendations from algorithms that watch our every move,” says Get Kelvin CEO Angela Jeffrey. “People are tired of it. They’re tired of the hidden costs, and they’re tired of the experience.”

The answer, Get Kelvin believes, is a new kind of browsing experience—fun and visually rich, with emoji ratings, comment threads, and previews of each website so that you can look before you leap. Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave make it easy to rate websites and add them to shareable collections while browsing.

Rather than relying on algorithms, Get Kelvin members participate in a grassroots community of trusted peers. Ultimately, this new kind of browsing gives rise to a new internet—one rated and curated by humans.

The brainchild of former Bitcoin Core contributor Alex Waters and his now-wife Sarah Waters, née Tyre, who came up with the idea in 2016 while taking part in the Grand Central Tech startup-in-residence program, Get Kelvin stayed under the radar for two years while building its platform, before launching on Product Hunt on Oct. 17.

Today, Alex and Sarah serve as strategic advisers to the startup, while Angela leads a dedicated team of seven full- and part-time employees. A majority of the team members—including the CEO and the director of operations—are women, rare for a tech startup.

Product Hunt, the online community for people who want to discover and discuss the latest mobile apps, web platforms, and tech products, is the perfect place for Get Kelvin to reach new members.

“Product Hunt has a fantastic track record as the launching pad for successful products and startups,” says Sarah Loertscher, Get Kelvin’s director of operations. “I personally love that a company of any size, from Tesla to a one-person startup, can share what it has built on Product Hunt and have access to the same pool of highly engaged early adopters. We can’t wait to see how our platform resonates with the community.”

Get Kelvin is for creators and explorers. It’s a platform that at long last makes the internet a playground again.

About Get Kelvin
Get Kelvin’s mission is twofold: to make internet browsing better—more interesting, more surprising, more adventurous—and to give the Get Kelvin community the tools to make it better for everyone. Get Kelvin is a word-of-mouth search engine. The idea is to turn the internet into a boundless playground—as weird, wild, and wonderful as possible. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Get Kelvin

CONTACT: Sarah Loertscher, (845) 481-3339, [email protected]

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