Forty telecom fraud suspects sent back to China from Kenya

China Central Television (CCTV) – A total of 40 suspects, 35 from the Chinese mainland and five from Taiwan, were brought back to China from Kenya in police custody on Monday.

Allegedly involved in 60-plus fraud cases worth four million yuan (600,000 U.S. dollars), they belonged to one of two groups arrested by Kenyan police on Nov. 29, 2014, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Another 36 suspects in the other group were repatriated in April and have been formally arrested. They allegedly swindled more than 26 million yuan out of mainland residents by pretending to be members of Beijing and Shanghai police.

The two groups were believed to have colluded in fraud activities and the mainland police hopes to find out all the facts now that they have all suspects in custody.

“Next we will appoint the Beijing Municipality Public Security Bureau to be in charge, who will find out all the facts and recover the illicit money. No matter where the suspects flee to and no matter where in the world they commit the crimes, the public security departments are determined to bring all of them to justice, and try our best to recover the losses of the people,” said Zhang Guiyong, deputy inspector of Criminal Investigation Department, Ministry of Public Security.

The mainland police have kept their Taiwan counterparts informed of all developments.

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