Saudi Arabia denies criminal suspicion over crane crash incident

Mecca, Saudi Arabia (CCTV) – Saudi royal court on Tuesday ruled out criminal suspicion over the recent crane crash that killed 111 people and injured 331 in the grand mosque in Mecca.

The court said the collapse of the crane, which is the largest in the Middle East, was because of high winds while it was placed in a wrong position, which violated operation instructions.

The company, Bin Laden Group, that was handling the expansion work at the grand mosque will be banned from new government projects, with all its current projects being fully reviewed. All group members will be banned from travelling until the investigation is over.

Those who were killed or suffered heavy injuries will receive about 266,000 U.S. dollars each for compensation, while other injured will received half the amount.

The royal court highlighted that the amount will be paid by the Saudi government, and that two family members of each deceased will be invited to perform Hajj next year free of charge.