Tunisia attack: Gunmen kill 17 tourists at National Bardo Museum

(Next Media) – At least two assault rifle-wielding gunmen killed 17 foreign tourists visiting a museum in Tunisia on Wednesday, the worst terrorist attack in the African country since 2002.

The National Bardo Museum is a popular tourist destination in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. It is close to the National Parliament, which officials said might have been the original target of the attack.

Hundreds of tourists from cruise ships had disembarked from buses at the museum when the gunmen, dressed in military uniforms, jumped from a vehicle and began firing indiscriminately.

Several tourists were then reportedly taken hostage, but the number of captives was unclear.

Tunisian security forces later made their way into the museum and killed the two gunmen, ending a three-hour siege.

The attack claimed at least 20 lives, 17 of them foreign tourists, including Japanese, Italian, Colombian, Spanish, Australian, Polish and French nationals.

Experts said the attack will deal a heavy blow to the Tunisian economy which relies heavily on Tourism.

SOURCES: Reuters, The New York Times, The Guardian